On the demolition of the 150+ illegal structures built on this land by the Bharat Scouts & Guides the southern enclosure wall was revealed. The entire stretch of the wall was also visible in early 20th century photographs taken from the roof of Humayun’s Tomb. To respect the Outstanding Universal Value of the Humayun’s Tomb World Heritage Site, which lies in the complex being an ensemble of 16th century garden-tombs, it was agreed to reconstruct missing portions of the enclosure wall. The entire extent of the enclosure wall was established, though foundations in certain sections were missing as new structures were built over these, thus destroying even the foundations discovered at eight feet depth. Any trees found to be standing over the wall were allowed to remain, which occurred both in the northern section and in the south-eastern corner. The enclosure wall has been rebuilt in Delhi quartzite random rubble masonry in lime mortar by master craftsmen using traditional building techniques.