Sunder Nursery Lake
Bonsai House

The lakes and rivulets are a significant element of the landscape master plan designed by landscape architect M Shaheer. In early 2018, the lakes were made operational. Every drop of rain that falls on Sunder Nursery is either stored in the lakes and underground tanks or recharges the ground water aquifers through the seven 16th century wells discovered in Sunder Nursery. In developing Sunder Nursery, the Aga Khan Trust for Culture ensured that each of the historic wells were painstakingly de-silted of the accumulated rubbish to their original depth. Similarly, all new constructions such as the Garden Amphitheatre and car parking are connected with the network of underground pipes laid here to ensure effective rainwater harvesting.

Sunder Nursery Lakes & Rivulet houses over 30 lakh litres of water and is home to several species of water-living plants, floating plants and submerged. This lake created in the low-lying area, serve as a holding tank for water required for irrigation, and encouraging birds in the rivulet zone.

Handcrafted sandstone chaddars were installed on the higher lake to allow a picturesque waterfall in the Mughal tradition adjacent to the principal central vista. There are lakeside pavilions built near lakkarwala Burj, also in handcrafted sandstone elements. There are several fountains installed to aerate the lake water.