18th June 2022
Know the Bee workshop

Please contact 94150 81718/78384 23852

Time: 8:30 am to 10:30 am

Near Tea/Coffee Kisok in Sunder Nursery

Rs 500/-

Overview of honey

honeybees, and native stingless bees By Rakesh Gupta of Golden Hive Foundation


We know that the bees play an important role for continuation of human life on earth. The interactive workshop will make you understand the organized life and infinite capabilities of the bees.

You will also get to know how to become an urban beekeeper to enjoy the buzz of the bees - without the agony of getting stung by them.
The workshop will be 'hands on' to help you enjoy the wonderful world of the bees and point out the ways you can help the most important pollinators to survive.

What do you need to do

Carry your notebook and pen, and a bottle of water.
Wear a mask and carry a sanitizer.
Be on time and if you're late join in silently
Keep your phones on silent during the workshop

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