25th December
AARI Embroidery Workshop

For Registration call or whatsapp on 9205308098

Time: 03:00 P.M to 04:00PM

Sunder Nursery Park


By Insha-e-Noor

Aari embroidery, a type of fine embroidery used to create highly refined and elaborate motifs, is one of the five crafts being practiced at Insha-e-Noor. The word ‘aari’ is derived from ‘aar’ which in Hindi means hooked needle, a special kind of needle used to do the embroidery. Aari embroidery was and still is considered to be one of the most intricate forms of needlework and can be done with many embellishments like zari, mirror work, stonework etc.
The aari embroidery artisans of Insha-e-Noor use several motifs, including Mughal patterns from the ensemble of Monuments in Nizamuddin and floral patterns from Sunder Nursery to craft contemporary products.

About Insha-e-Noor

Insha-e-Noor, meaning Creation of Light, is a women’s enterprise supported by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture. It works with close to 100 local women artisans producing a range of exquisite handcrafted products.

What do you need to do

Wear a proper mask and carry a sanitizer.
Be on time and if you're late join in silently
Keep your phones on silent during the workshop

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