Sunder Nursery also aims on giving emphasis to the creation of exciting areas to be used for Art and cultural activities, socialise and relax with public art as an essential component. Sunder Nursery hosted its first art exhibitions as part of the initiative to encourage artists to participate and put up art exhibitions in the form of Art Installations, Sculptures and other forms of art display bringing art to the larger audience from various background.

Art Displays in Sunder Nursery

In 2019, a sculpture exhibition “Circle of Life” was put up by renowned artist Seema Kohli hosted by Gallery Ragini in collaboration with Sunder Nursery. The exhibition was a combination of red sandstone sculptures and brass aching plates representing multiple forms of the Goddess as a community of agents that propels the nexus of correspondence between human and non- human life forms.

16th Century Lotus Pond at Sunder Nursery was selected as the prime site by the Artist for the assembly of polymorphic feminine energies, grounded to the earth and yet connected to the site.

Inaugural Show for the exhibition was organised at the Amphitheatre. More than five hundred visitors and invitees from the field of art and culture attended the event held at Sunder Nursery.

In continuation to fulfilling the objective of public art displays at Sunder Nursery, the Park hosted an installation by the Gujral Foundation along with Award winning artist Ankon Mitra in 2020.

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A site with breath-taking monuments, paradise gardens and biodiversity, Sunder Nursery was listed amongst the 100 WORLD’S GREATEST PLACES of 2018 by TIME Magazine.

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