Delhi’s original ecosystems have been revived in the 30-acre wilderness zone at Sunder Nursery. Here, nine rocky mounds represent the ridge and amidst them slow moving streams – along with the natural flora of these eco-systems, which is now mostly lost everywhere else in the national capital. Specialised bee, butterfly, insect habitats have also been created in this zone. Just as the restored monuments at Sunder Nursery, this microhabitat zone serves as a reminder of the Delhi that was! There are several workshops organized by the team here.

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Flowers. Leaves. Birds. Sky. Water. Heritage. Wilderness. Sunder Nursery is Delhi’s place for everything joyous. Each season and hour of the day bringing out new hues in the sky, reflected in the water and complemented by birds and seasonal flowers.

At Sunder Nursery, the spaces transform from formal gardens to natural settings, and the park offers a variety of recreational & cultural venues. Water features, ponds and lakes, flower showcase, rose gardens and orchards, bird habitats and walking trails create an urban oasis.

Vibrant flower beds in bloom, rich colours of birds set like gems in green leaves, the azure expanse of a clear sky dotted with white clouds, the rippling water around lotuses and fountains... Every part of the park is infused with ever changing colour!

Sunder Nursery is Delhi’s first arboretum with almost 300 tree species – with some being the lone species in India! This living collection of trees provides a continuous stretch of dense green cover across Sunder Nursery and beyond – serving as a prime bird habitat. Over 80 species of birds and 60 species of butterflies have already made this their home, as have several species of the Asiatic bees.

Sunder Nursery as outdoor classroom
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