The Sunder Nursery landscape master plan includes a range of pathways for walkers and pedestrians, aimed at ensuring that most areas of the park are universally accessible and all visitors can make the most of this oasis in the heart of the city. Divided into several monuments, gardens, water bodies, lawns and ecological zones, Sunder Nursery has a wide gamut of attractions to offer to every visitor to the Park.

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UNESCO’s Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation

In 2020 the path network north of the lakes was built by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture and in 2021, the entire planned network of pathways should be completed. The scenic walking trail takes walkers across a range of pathways and stunning sights. Walkers are requested to use these pathways and not the vehicular road that runs along the edge of Sunder Nursery.

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Developing the Pathway Network

Before the commencement of landscape development works at Sunder Nursery in 2007 , the park had a criss-cross network of roads and pathways. The masterplan divided the area into three distinct zones: Heritage experience, Nursery functions, and Wilderness Zone. Based on the design, the pathways and road network were laid out keeping in mind the type of visitor movement intended in that area, and being sensitive to the surrounding area. Most of the park is wheel-chair and children-pam friendly, except for the wilderness zone where the pathways are narrow and irregular to provide an experience of moving through dense vegetation.

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A site with breath-taking monuments, paradise gardens and biodiversity, Sunder Nursery was listed amongst the 100 WORLD’S GREATEST PLACES of 2018 by TIME Magazine.

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