Saturday, 17th Feb 2023
Collage Card Making

By Nandita Mangla
Please contact #8178956503

Time: : 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Near Garden amphitheatre

Fee- Rs 500/- for 08 years & above

Description about the workshop:

We will be making cards from magazine cutouts with add on to colors and design it aesthetically to a particular theme as per the individual's interest. As an artist on board will help the participants with the color theory and the basics of collage making, bring together a lot of fun and enjoyment along the way.

About the Organisers

Nandita Design Studio Nandita Mangla is an Architect, who has been painting since she was 7 years old and is fond of all things artsy. She loves to curate aesthetically beautiful art events and is known for its table decor skills.

What do you need to do:
  • Be at the venue 15 minutes before time to have Maximum FUN and if you're late join in silently.
  • Keep your phones off your hands (preferred) during the workshop.

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