Conserving Chota Batashewala

Within the enclosed garden and standing just east of the Mirza’s tomb, are the remnants of an octagonal. It is said to have been profusely ornamented and known as Chota Batashewala. Described in the 20th century texts as "...standing on a platform some 3 feet high. It consisted of a central octagonal chamber, with a surrounding arcade containing an arched opening on each of the eight sides. The central apartment was provided with four doorways, three of which were closed by stone jaali screens. The domed ceiling of the central chamber, as well as the walls inside, is ornamented by floral and geometrical patterns intermingled with Quranic inscriptions in incised plaster".

The ASI protected monument known as Chota Batashewala, seems to have largely collapsed following the leveling of land, by Bharat Scouts and Guides, in its immediate setting in 1989 to build the structures for the Bharatiyam event.

The first conservation task was to remove all the cement concrete from the entire plinth and the remains of the walls of the tomb.
During earthworks near the Chota Batahsewala, it was found that platform stood directly over the earth. The stabilization of the structure required a support from all the sides. To counter this problem, an earth mound is designed all around the structure which provides stability to the structure. The mound rose till 1metre and has a 900 mm wide DQ masonry wall to a depth of 900 mm wrapping all around it.
The remains found on the site were carefully studied and the details of the structure were discerned. On the basis of these remains, archival texts and images, the reconstruction proposal was made.
Detailed drawings and model were made to understand the structure. As per the evidences and archival images, it was decided that only the portions that were visible in the archival records will be reconstructed and the roofing system in the internal chamber will not be conjectured.
After receiving the approvals from the Archaeological Survey of India to reconstruct collapsed portions, three bays of Chota Batahsewala were partially reconstructed on the basis of archival photographs from the 1980’s to allow visitors an understanding of this Mughal-era structure.

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