Saturday, 11th February 2023
Demystifying Decoupage workshop

By RPS Media
Please contact #9910344177

Time: 03:00 pm to 05:00 pm

Near Garden amphitheatre

Fee- Rs 500/- for 08 years & above

Description about the workshop:

Though there is a lot of buzz around recycling and upcycling, not sufficient efforts have been made. To ensure that we do not add more to the environmental waste, RPS brings to you a workshop on a creative art form that focusses on reusing, reutilizing and recycling by using the creative art form of Decoupage. Upcycling and personalising something you already own and giving it a new look by using cutting and pasting is what decoupage is all about. This workshop aims at making people, especially kids, understand how to creatively convert the mundane old products in their house into something new and artsy and bringing it back to life! The idea is to educate people about a way of life that goes beyond Use and Throw!

About the Organisers

RPS Media (Rock Paper Scissors) is a platform that offers curated immersive experiences to the urban children on a myriad of themes. Through our activities, we attempt to raise kinder, more compassionate and more socially conscious and aware children. We are all about learning in a fun way!

What do you need to do:
  • Be at the venue 15 minutes before time to have Maximum FUN and if you're late join in silently.
  • Keep your phones off your hands (preferred) during the workshop.
  • It is advised to bring an apron for the workshop.
  • Please carry a bottle of drinking water

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