4th June 2022
Fun & Wonder evening...for the Child in all of us!
By Initiative & experience by Aditi, Neha & Rohit

Please contact 9555967143, 9999301234

Time: 6:00pm to 10:00 pm

Lake Area, Sunder Nursery park

Rs 500/- for Age 15+
Rs 250/- for Age 5-15


Evening Engagement & Experience – For everyone, who wishes to revisit their childhood. Evening full of Fun & Wonder. Participation by registration. Limited Seats only. (Register online with 'WE' the 'Wonder Explorers')

Here is what all we bring along with us:

A) Fun Games for everyone
Why Fun Games: When we were in our childhood we played a lot of games and we have very good memories of the same. Present lifestyle and busy schedule takes all the fun away from us and as we loose this fun, we feel stressed out early from our childhood stage itself! We help create the fun again in life, and with deeper connections, with others and ourselves! We invite everyone, kids and adults, to “create a fun” in simplest yet very enjoyable way to celebrate Life with friends, extended family, society members, community inmates by engaging all in Non-competitive Games and circle dances

B) Wonder Astronomy – Journey to the Moon (Observational Exploration of Night Sky)
Brief details of Sky SAFARI: As a part of NightSky Safari, a Telescopic detailed observation, and close fly-by experience orbiting around the Moon is a special attraction of the experience for all! WE look up and take a Journey to the beautiful Moon, timeless Space full of Wonder & Mystery with aid of our powerful scope 150mm 750mm f/5 300x and WE call her divine Mother Aditi (अदिती)

About the Organizers:

WE the Wonder Explorers, led by Neha & Rohit. They both are passionate about exploring how our body, mind, and heart works together in harmony. They both are engaged in practicing inner work – The Fourth Way, by G.I. Gurdjieff. Through their workshops and activities, they create ‘Fun’ and arouse ‘Wonder’ in everyone. They both are Access Consciousness practitioners. While Neha creates ‘Fun’ for Child in everyone, and helps everyone revisit their childhood, by engaging them all in amazing, fun-loving, non -competitive, non-judgemental games and circle dances, full of celebration, freedom, and connection with oneself as well as others; Rohit is passionate about observational Astronomy and his Dream is to share this experience full of ‘Wonder’ with everyone, especially Child in each of us!

What do you need to do
  • Be at venue 15 minutes before time to have Maximum FUN and if you're late join in silently.
  • Keep your phones off your hands (preferred) during the evening.
  • Carry your own bottle of water.

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