Saturday,11th February 2023
Origami workshop by Amandeep Kaur lamba

By Origami Oritai
Please contact #9312201382

Time: 03.00pm- 5.00pm

Near Garden amphitheatre

Fee- free Age: 6 years and above


"Learning origami is both enjoyable and calming. It helps to bring people together. Our workshop aims to share the joy of the methodical paper folding techniques by the masters of this exquisite art form, origami."

About the Organisers

Origami Oritai is a paper folding club that was founded in October 2009, but its roots date back to origami workshops that were first held in 2007. (Indo-Japan Friendship Year). 2013 saw the club's registration as a society. The Oritai family is multifaceted. It includes both young and old members, from a variety of professions and nationalities. Oritai holds weekly online and/ or in-person workshops. Oritai has two meanings: "a folding group" and "I want to fold." Peace on Earth is our goal. We use origami magic to spread Love and Peace! We are reachable at: E-mail:

What do you need to do:
  • Be at the venue 15 minutes before time to have Maximum FUN and if you're late join in silently.
  • Keep your phones off your hands (preferred) during the workshop.

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