Vegan Cooking Workshop
18th November 2023

By Aparna Rajagopala, Beejom
Please contact #9311135222, #8510042768

Time: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Serenity Amphitheater, Sunder Nursery park

Rs 500/-

Age Group: 15 years and above


🌺In these stressful times being close to nature is a great solace. The easiest way to do that is to start your own little garden; whether it is on a terrace, yard, balcony or window sill. In urban spaces there are many challenges to start and maintain a garden. Do come and join us at The Beejom Urban Gardening Workshop to understand how to maintain your very own little green space with fruits, flowers and vegetables; grow all of these without chemicals and sow, grow and harvest something through the whole year . Like they say growing your own food is like printing your own money. It is your way to a greener home, a healthier family and sheer joy.
Millets are ancient grains that belong to the grass family. Most millet varieties are native to India. Millets are a group of small grained cereal food crops which are highly tolerant to drought and other extreme weather conditions, grown with low chemical inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides and therefore some of the most sustainable crops. They are extremely nutritious too and considered ideal food for anyone including weight watchers and diabetics.
At Beejom we grow some amazing millets and we make some amazing food with them too. To know how you can incorporate them too in your diet and enjoy them better do come to our workshop at the Sunder Nursery Park.
We will be showcasing 6 dishes at the workshop. There will also be a mini Beejom Kirana Dukaan selling various cereals including the millets we grow. The workshop will close with some refreshments and reflections.

About the Organisers:

Beejom is an animal sanctuary and sustainable agricultural farm located in Noida. The agricultural practices at Beejom are farm animal centric. The farm hugely promotes Indian millets and traditional foods and we see that as the most obvious way of restoring the food security, health and ecological wealth of the nation.
The Model Farmland of Lost Vegetables, created in collaboration with Beejom, gives us a great opportunity to showcase a model community kitchen garden at the Sunder Nursery Park.
The community garden in the wilderness zone of the Park where Kharif, Rabi and Zaid crops and many forgotten vegetables are cultivated. This space is aimed at creating awareness and interest amongst children for our traditional farming practices too.
Beejom is an animal sanctuary integrated within a regenerative, sustainable agricultural initiative located in Noida, Western Uttar Pradesh promoting natural farming techniques to grow food crops. The agricultural practices followed at Beejom are farm-animal centric and all products of Indian indigenous cattle and other animals at Beejom are converted into rich organic manure for the fields where planting is done with native heirloom seeds. The farm promotes Indian millets and traditional foods as obvious ways to restore food security, health and ecological wealth in India. The farm uses solar power, bio gas, rain water harvesting and vermi-culture and completely off the grid. To learn more visit

What do you need to do:
  • Be on time and if you're late join in silently
  • Keep your phones on silent during the workshop

P.S. We will be using the event picture at our social media platforms.

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