3rd Dec 2022, Saturday & 4th Dec 2022, Sunday
Warli Painting Workshop

By Shri Shankar Lal, Nazariya
Please contact #9818268894, #8800788187

Time: 11:00am to 01:00pm

Serenity Amphitheater

Rs 300/- for 10 years & above


Warli painting is a form of tribal art, done by the tribe called “Warli”. The tribe largely resides in ‘Dahanu’, in Thane district, Maharashtra. Other tribes that participate in warli paintings are Malharkoli, Kokani and Katkari.
Warli paintings started as the decoration of house walls on festive occasions, asking for blessings of God. It is done on brown surface, painted by red colour, called ‘Geru’. Traditionally, rice paste mixed in milk or water is used for these paintings. However, these days, artificial colours like poster colours are also used. Other colours used are yellow (turmeric powder) and red (‘sindoor’ or ‘kumkum’ powder).

About the Organisers:

In this world of digital art and 3D printing, Nazariya is a movement to bring us closer to the beautiful world of Indian Folk Art. It is an effort in not just reviving these artforms, but also making them relevant for the contemporary world.. Nazariya is trying to bring out the subtle message behind these artforms; the message of unity, brotherhood and community. This is Nazariya's way of taking you on an incredible journey into India's past, helping us create a new future.
We believe that artisans need to be respected and promoted, for the art forms they have given their life too. The story of the artisans must be told to the urban youth, to engage them into various art forms, traditions and cultures which are on their way to extinction. In collaboration with

What do you need to do:
  • Be at the meeting point 15 minutes before time to have Maximum FUN and if you're late join in silently.
  • Keep your phones off your hands (preferred) during the workshop.

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